Rajasthan Meera Kuntal has Changed the Gender to get married with Kalpana Fouzdar

Kalpana & Aarav Kuntal (Meera Kuntal) Wedding Picture

Aarav Kuntal formerly known as Meera kuntal was a Physical trainer in a Government School in Bharatpur where he met with Kalpana fouzdar and became a very Close friends . Their friendship has converted into love after some years and they have decided to get married.

Kalpana was a good Kabaddi Player and Aarav used to train her. she has played state level in 11-12 as well as in the Graduation and proved her excellence in the Kabaddi. Now Kalpana is going to Dubai in the January for the International Tournament.

Aarav Kuntal when he was Meera kuntal has decided to change the gender and gone through the surgery of Gender Change. From 25th Nov,2019 till 2021, during the Surgery Kalpana has taken care of Aarav Kuntal completely. They got Married on Nov 4th, 2022 with their parents permission.

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