Google Workspace Individual™ Adds Mail Merge, Storage, and Global Regions

Google Workspace has helped entrepreneurs from around the world grow their businesses. Google Workspace is similar to Gmail, but with an IT feel and increased storage. It offers all kinds of new features for every business owner. Today’s update provides recipients with even more email personalization options, along with expanded regional availability that allows to serve more business owners from around the world.

Recently, every Google Workspace Individual account will be upgraded from 15GB to 1TB of storage. You won’t need to do a thing–every Account is being automatically upgraded as soon as Google Workspace roll this out.
With Drive, you can easily store and share over 100 file types, including PDFs and photos. Plus, you’ll get protection against malware without converting your docs with the click of a button.

Improve the effectiveness of your email campaigning with built-in mail merge features

It can be hard to send bulk email campaigns that are both professional and personal. With Aggregator, you get the best of both worlds – you’ll have the flexibility of a mail merge tag like @firstname, and the ability to include an unsubscribe option for recipients who want to opt out. The result is that your emails will feel uniquely crafted just for them. By default, this also includes an unsubscribe option that allows recipients to opt out of future messages in order to maintain their privacy.

Now try mail merge in web Gmail with features like customizable email layouts to make your audience feel more engaged.

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