Indian Man cut his girlfriend’s throat and posted a video on social media with her body.

The accused uploaded a video to the victim’s social media account, according to police.

The accused is still at large after the incident occurred on Monday, 7 November, but police were not made aware of it until the following day, 8 November.

The video posted on Friday last week showed the accused man lifting the bedsheet to reveal the face of the woman lying on the bed. He is heard telling her not to “betray” him.

In another video, Patidar, who claims to be in the business of oil and sugar, is heard admitting that he killed the woman.

PTI was unable to verify the authenticity of the videos independently.
“Police have been sent to various places in search of the man accused of killing his 22-year-old girlfriend, who was found dead in a resort in Jabalpur,” Siddharth Bahuguna, Superintendent of Police, said.

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