Turtle shaped floating city in Saudi Arabia

Tera yatch

The world is always full of surprises, from natural phenomena of man-made creations. And now, it looks like a gigantic floating city could soon become a reality! A new Tera yacht design has been revealed, and if constructed, it would be the largest boat in the world.

Here are the features of Tera Yatch:

The new tera yacht will be equipped with shopping malls, ports for smaller ships and aircraft to ferry passengers, hotels and parks – making it the perfect destination for a relaxing stay. With a capacity of accommodating 60,000 people, the tera yacht is sure to be a hit with everyone!

Tera yacht

The revolutionary design of the ship’s wings will allow it to collect energy from the waves of the sea – letting Pangeos cruise perpetually without emitting greenhouse gases. This is a huge step forward in protecting our environment from the harmful effects of climate change.

The floating city, shaped as a turtle, is designed to be 550 metres (1,800 ft) long and 610 metres (2,000 ft) wide at its widest point.

The tera-structure will be able to cruise at a speed of five knots when pushed from a jet drive transmission. The large wings will gain energy from the breaking of waves while sailing, allowing Pangeos to cruise perpetually without emissions around the seas of planet Earth. Additionally, the rooftop area is lined with solar panels, which provide clean energy to power the terayacht.

Video Credits: Lazzarini Design/ Youtube

However, the boat is just an idea at the moment. It needs space to be constructed, and places in Saudi Arabia, close to Jeddah, have been proposed as the ideal location to build this terayacht. The floating city will cost about USD 8 billion (Rs 65,280 crores approx) to be built.

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