Baba Ramdev’s sexist remark that “women look good even if they don’t wear clothes” sitting next to Amruta Fadnavis is not only inappropriate but also offensive.

Baba Ramdev and Amruta Fadnavis

On Friday, Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba sparked controversy with his remarks about women’s clothing. At an event organised by Patanjali Yogpeeth and Mumbai Mahila Patanjali Yoga Samiti in Thane, Ramdev Baba said that women look good in sarees, salwar suits and even if they wear nothing.

Women had brought dresses for yoga and then a convention was organized for women. Women brought sarees for this convention. But in the morning, there was a yoga science camp, after which a yoga training program was conducted for women. Immediately after that, a general meeting for women started. That’s why women could not get time to wear sarees.
On this, Ramdev Baba said, ‘’women look good in sarees, they look good in salwar suits, in my eyes they look good even if they don’t wear anything.”

Ramdev Baba’s latest controversial statement has sparked a wave of anger in Maharashtra, with many people taking issue with his comments on women’s clothing.

In the presence of the Deputy Chief Minister’s wife, Mrs. Amrita Fadnavis, as well as the Chief Minister’s son and MP Shrikant Shinde, made this statement. It is predicted that the ensuing controversy about his statement will become more heated.

Mr Sachin Sawant, State Congress general secretary, has slammed Ramdev Baba for his recent controversial statement against women. “We strongly condemn his derogatory views against women,” he said. “Baba’s real mindset has been exposed by this statement, and it is unacceptable.”

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