Johnny Depp is returning to his iconic role as Jack Sparrow in the upcoming ‘Pirates of The Caribbean’ franchise.

Johnny Depp From Pirates of the Caribbean

Great news for all you Jack Sparrow fans out there! Multiple reports are claiming that Johnny Depp will soon return to play the iconic character on the big screen.

The last time we saw Johnny Depp play Sparrow was five years ago in the fifth and final movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. We can’t wait to see him back in action!

Johnny Depp is set to reprise his iconic role as Captain Jack Sparrow in a new spin-off movie titled ‘A Day At The Sea’.

The project is reportedly still in early development, but we’re sure fans of the original Pirates of the Caribbean movies will be excited to see Depp back in action as the swashbuckling pirate captain.

According to a source who is close to the project, “Johnny Depp is set to return as Captain Jack Sparrow and is scheduled to begin filming at the start of February at an undisclosed location in the United Kingdom.”

The project is still in its early stages and no director has been chosen yet. However, Disney – who is financing the project – is planning to do a test shoot and start production in the near future.

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise has been one of Hollywood’s most successful, making Depp one of its highest-paid actors at one point in time.

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